By Shalaka Karangutkar

If there is one thing that the internet has taught us it is, people like to perceive ideas in accordance to inspirations. While we obsessively refresh our Instagram and Pinterest feeds there is this one thing that will surely make its way down the rubble. Call it modern minimalism/ susceptibility to patterns (or colours) nothing escapes how popular ‘all white’ homes happen to be. Though the reasons are rich and varied it is extremely à la mode.

But how far do we designers think through this rage of ‘All-White everything’? Being celebrated throughout histories (Greek, Japanese or Moroccan) the trend is cyclic as well as corresponding. Thus, never fading. Despite all the interpretations what makes it difficult for people to understand is the practicality in terms of befitting. What ticks in our categories of this trend follow : Themed or budget oriented projects, Risk or pattern loathing projects, or simply for a project that craves an in between space.

Right from having numerous colour psychologies and significances white surely is difficult to maintain and refurbish. But we have successfully touched down this vogue. Cutting down the visual disruptions and abruptness, the eyes move around easily tricking our mind into perceiving a bigger space. You need to break the monotony to avoid it from being too clinical or bleak. Which can be achieved by adding subtle hues of grays or colours in varied accent lights, accessories or fabrics. Besides putting away the blemishes it acts as a great backdrop to highlight any kind of artsy work. In kitchens manufacturers now provide white appliances to compliment the theme as white potrays class and decency. Certainly making the kitchen look decent and less cluttered.

Since the preferences are subjective two homes can never be the same. Thus instagram videos ‘All-white homes’ will never go out of trend, but it is only essential to scrutinize the space.